We’re using the latest blockchain technology to build global communities.

We are KROWN, a member-owned decentralized autonomous community (DAC). We believe that community engagement should be transparent and fun, which is why we’ve launched the KROWN Token. Our token integrates blockchain with real-world applications by incentivizing members of different communities to engage within our ecosystem. Learn more by downloading the KROWN Whitepaper.

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Community Projects Launching on KROWN

The KROWN community is proud to announce several initiatives underway to launch communities with the KROWN token.

Round Table Communities
The team at csx.io has developed a novel software stack with the potential of unlocking thousands of communities world wide. By connecting directly with end users, producers of just about anything can engage on a level practically impossible before. Everyone has a seat at the table.™

Health & Wellness
An existing network of consultants is working directly with the KROWN community. The plan is to create a vibrant DACommunity that encompasses a full spectrum of tools and incentives from initial meeting, recommendations, tracking, community support, etc.

Seven Stages of Creating a DACommunity

The KROWN Community and KROWN Token have been created in order to co-create, incubate, and empower existing communities. Every level is important for fostering a healthy community.

1. Join KROWN and Participate
2. Consider the Fundamentals
3. Share the Vision
4. Build a Core Launch Team
5. Community Outreach and Token Model
6. Token Distribution / Incentives
7. Hold Elections & Community Interactions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DAC?

A DECENTRALIZED AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY (DAC) is an organization that is independently owned by its members. Members of the community participate by voting on decisions and policies. A DAC is different from a centralized governance structure because it delegates authority and decision making to all of its members, rather than the few people at the top level.

Who is the KROWN DAC Community?

The KROWN DAC is a community-driven project with a governance system that encourages participation and accountability. The KROWN DAC has 11 foundational custodians and is growing in its community members. From the beginning, KROWN has been 100% self-funded by its members only. We invite you to join the KROWN community and participate however you feel called.

What is EOS?

EOS is a token and community project that is a third generation crypto currency. It's made in part with EOSIO software created by Block.one and one of the largest open source software communities.

How will KROWN help my business?

Using KROWN can help with your community engagement. KROWN acts a great lubrication for providing incentives and rewards. Send us an email at rewards@krown.club and we’ll see how we our one of our partners can help.

Token Launch Distribution

The KROWN Multi-Fairdrop

We are offering up 30% of KROWN tokens (1,107,000,000.00) to EOS holders and KROWN Communities’ favorite engaged token held communities. Remaining airdrop tokens will be offered via social giveaways, contests and engagements over 2019 and through 2020.

The Initial Token Drop

We are offering to all 1 KROWN for 1 EOS for active accounts on KROWN Genesis Block -- up to 100,000 EOS for a total of 166,371,896.1 KROWN. Remainder of KROWN will divided between remaining token held communities. See the details here.

Token Drop Rules

To retain their KROWN, the airdropped EOS account user must perform one transaction sending at least 0.01 KROWN Tokens. KROWN will reclaim RAM after 100 days after last scheduled initial Multi-Fairdrop, thereby returning unclaimed KROWN tokens to the KROWN community wallet. The idea being that a community requires active participation and unclaimed tokens will be recycled for further token distribution campaigns.

Other Token Distribution Methods

Innovative Marketing and Engagement Programs

With the goal of encouraging people to participate in building the global KROWN community, we are using time-tested and experimental techniques to decentralize the token and grow the community. See the details here.

Additional Token Distribution Techniques

KROWN is allotting tokens to reward people for sharing posts on social media, wearing KROWN-branded t-shirts, and other creative ways to promote KROWN. We are always seeking ideas from the community. Reach out and participate in our telegram page if you have an idea!


How to Get Involved

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KROWN shirts are for sale at cost through Bonfire.com. Tag us with a photo of you wearing your KROWN shirt on social media to receive 11,111 KROWN.

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Soon, we'll be hosting a KROWN t-shirt design competition for chances to win ridiculous amounts of KROWN! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow our social media accounts to be the first to hear about it. Your ideas matter!

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